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Rapid, Accurate,
Non-invasive Infectious disease Screening

Point of Care Solution


Saliva based

7 Minutes

Accurate results

Patented Nanosensor

Detects RNA/DNA

The Problem

The world needs early detection of infectious and chronic disease—especially for individuals who are pre-symptomatic. To be most effective, tests need to be accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use at point of care and at home. Ideally these tests would diagnose COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B and RSV simultaneously.

Our Solution

Only Veralize can meet all those needs. Currently, the Veralize system includes an affordable, saliva-based POC solution that provides results in 7 minutes and with 98% accuracy—even for pre-symptomatics. Veralize has also shown in silico that it can successfully detect every known COVID variant.

The Future

In the near term, our home test is currently in development. A version of Veralize that will combine Flu A, Flu B, RSV and COVID tests in one simultaneous test panel is also in the works. Using Veralize to detect the onset of cancer is another goal of the company.

How it Works

Plug the Veralize Test Unit to the wall outlet and connect it to the laptop. Start the Veralize App. Input the subject particulars.

Drool saliva into the disposable cup. The saliva level should be between the two marks.

Add the entire bottle of nuclease-free water to the disposable cup.

Close the sensor lid on top of the disposable cup.

Swirl the disposable cup for 5 seconds to mix the contents.

Invert the disposable cup into the Test Unit until it locks.

Wait approximately 7 minutes. The result is displayed by the 3 LED indicators as well as on the laptop.

Discard the disposable cup and sensor lid.

Veralize’s Technology is Elegantly Simple

Veralize’s patented technology uses state-of-the-art Graphene Carbon-Nanotubes that are mixed with two preserved regions of synthetic (single-stranded-DNA) target genome.

The nanotubes are an excellent support matrix to present the single-stranded-DNA (ss-DNA) probe fragments for hybridization with the test sample’s ss-RNA.

Test sample’s virus shell (if present) from fresh saliva samples will be broken down by our patent-pending process, thus releasing the ss-RNA within the shell.

Positive test occurs when the test sample’s ss-RNA hybridizes with the probe’s ss-DNA strands, producing an increased electric charge.

GCN support matrix

ss-RNA/ss-DNA hybridizing

How is this different from other tests?
The Veralize System

Manufactured in the US to the highest standards, our Veralize test device sensitivity is comparable to the gold standard, RT-PCR, and has clinically shown 98% accuracy. Veralize provides test results in under 7 minutes.

The Veralize system is designed to identify a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases by encoding our proprietary nanotube sensors with appropriate genetic detection information.

Veralize is Ideal for Point of Care Markets

As infectious diseases evolve from occasional outbreaks to persistent threats, healthcare professionals and individuals will continue to seek assurance that their flu-like symptoms are not indicative of a serious infectious disease. Patients and their healthcare providers will seek precise diagnoses to ensure proper treatment.

Three immediate use cases for Veralize
Pharmacies & supermarkets

Our saliva test offers consumers a POC alternative to lab tests (accurate, but slow and expensive) and antigen tests (cheap and fast, but 40% accurate).

Doctor offices & walk-in clinics

Veralize offers doctors & patients a quick, accurate POC test, similar to common quick strep tests. LOI from health system for ambulatory sites.

Pre-op exams

Rapid, accurate, POC tests are needed for inpatient surgeries (LOI) and outpatient surgeries.

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