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A Better Way to Test
Advancing testing & diagnostics with a simple, new alternative that’s super-fast, accurate, precise and a fraction of your current cost.

Results within ten minutes.

About 12-15 Molecular Diagnostics

12-15MD is an early-stage biotechnology company with a goal to disrupt the $100 billion global market for testing and diagnostics with a better solution that’s faster, more accurate, cheaper and easier. Our revolutionary platform enables the identification of early stage – even pre-symptomatic – infections by pathogen contained in any fluid. Our platform and testing device collectively known as Veralize® is also available for chemical testing for water quality, hospital-based detection and food safety.

Our company culture is derived from a passion for nanotechnology and innovation, respect among our employee team, and commitment to our customers and business partners.

Early Company Successes

12-15MD demonstrated 98% accuracy in NY/CT clinical trials for COVID-19. Our trials for a COVID Rapid-Response Saliva Test were part of a study funded – and award granted –  by the National Institute of Health early in the pandemic. The gold standard at the time was nasal-swap testing and results took several hours to two days in comparison.

Our Patented Veralize® Technology
Super-Fast. Easy. Accurate. Precise. Cost-Effective.

Veralize technology is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of applications and testing environments. We’ve developed a patented carbon-based nanomaterial with advanced chemical/DNA/RNA/micro-RNA hybridization that enables the identification of infections or diseases by any pathogen (virus, bacteria or fungi) or chemical contamination contained in any fluid including saliva, blood or water.  How it works. Similar to a home testing kit, a few drops of fluid are placed in a sleek, portable device to get results within 10 minutes. Veralize is user-friendly and little to no technical training is required.

Solutions for a Safer World

Most contagions can be traced to contact with other humans, untreated animals, and food-borne illness. We provide rapid point-of-care testing that revolutionizes the way we safeguard public health.

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