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The Problem

Biodefense is faced with the critical challenge of safeguarding populations and ecosystems against deliberate or accidental release of biological agents, such as pathogens and toxins, that have the potential to cause widespread harm. This threat encompasses bioterrorism, biowarfare, and naturally occurring pandemics, requiring comprehensive strategies, technologies, and international cooperation to prevent, detect, mitigate, and respond to these threats effectively. Additionally, infections like C.difficile, Candida auris, and MRSA can damage clinical settings and hinder the recovery of hospitalized individuals, further emphasizing the need for robust biodefense measures to protect public health and healthcare infrastructure.

Our Solution

Only Veralize can meet all those needs. Currently, Veralize, provides an affordable and user-friendly system with advanced sensor technology for accurate and rapid detection of biological threats and infections like C.difficile, Candida auris, and MRSA. Veralize enhances early intervention, fosters international collaboration, and safeguards public health and healthcare infrastructure.

The Future

Our vision for Veralize includes the capability to perform multi-analyte detection for a wide array of organisms, ensuring a comprehensive approach to biodefense and infection control. We are committed to advancing our technology to simultaneously identify and monitor various biological agents, empowering users with a versatile tool for rapid response and protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

How it Works
The Veralize System

Manufactured in the US to the highest standards, our Veralize test device sensitivity is comparable to the gold standard, RT-PCR, and has clinically shown 98% accuracy. Veralize provides test results in under 7 minutes.

The Veralize system is designed to identify a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases by encoding our proprietary nanotube sensors with appropriate genetic detection information.

Veralize is Ideal for Point of Care Markets

As biodefense challenges evolve from sporadic incidents to persistent threats, healthcare professionals and individuals alike will increasingly demand assurance that their concerns about potential biological threats are promptly and accurately addressed. Various parties involved in healthcare and public safety will seek robust solutions to ensure swift and precise identification of these threats, enabling effective response measures and safeguarding public health and security.

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